Sunday, January 6, 2019

Welcome Back!

Here's the goofy photo of us in front of 85 toiletry kits!
Way to go third grade!!
Dear Room 24 Families,
Welcome back to school and the year 2019! I look forward to hearing of everyone's adventures during the break. Wasn't the weather gorgeous?
Now to jump right into the nitty gritty......Our field trip to the Buck Institute is Friday, January 18. Because of the craziness before break, I am missing a number of field trip permission slips. I am sending home new ones in homework folders tomorrow. Please check your child's homework folder/packet, if you don't see a permission slip it means I have yours! If you do find one, please sign it and return it. We have plenty of drivers already. In fact, we really have more than we need! The drivers signed up are: McIntyre, Boyd, Welte, Chaimongkol, Erving, Mount, and Terrier. This gives up a total of 27 seat belts, so one or two of you might want to do a raincheck? Just let me know. There will be MORE field trips!!
There are lots of new things happening in room 24. Our second science rotation begins this Thursday. Room 24 students will be joining Ms. Fisher for 12 lessons of coding. Pretty fun and all thanks to our wonderful PTA for purchasing the licenses for 80 third graders!
In social studies, we will take another look at our government and the Constitution. We will learn about Shirley Chisholm and Fred Korematsu this month. Give us a few weeks, but then go ahead and ask your child about them! And, if anyone is so inclined, the exhibit 'Exclusion' at the Presidio Officers' Club is well worth the's free, too!
We will continue to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication, but will also begin looking at geometry next week. Specifically, we will calculate area and perimeter for polygons, or at least polygons that can be broken into squares and rectangles, and compare the rationale for learning them both.
We are finishing up our unit on character in fiction.....didn't quite finish that one before break. We are close though.
I'm ready to return. I hope you are ready to send your kids back to school!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Belated Thank Yous!

Dear Families of Room 24,

This is a belated note of thanks. First of all, I dropped all of the Adopt-a-Family gifts off at the collection site Saturday. Coincidentally, there was another local agency doing their gift give-away a few doors down. There were many families lined up, waiting their turn to receive their gifts. It was the perfect compliment to my dropping off process. Thank you for your generosity in making another family's holiday brighter! My one disappointment was I completely forgot to take a photo of our kids in front of all of the presents.....that they wrapped.

Another thanks for the wonderful books from the book fair. I'm half way through Bob (yes, I do read kid books, too) and the picture books are all written by some of my favorite authors.  We do love the book fair!

We've been finishing ongoing projects. As a teacher you always hope to time completion of projects with holidays. It often takes some maneuvering.  The kids are to be complimented; they've risen to the occasion beautifully. We will end with some time to spare, hence the 'stuffie condo' project you may have heard about? We have a playground, a bus, and many cool 'condos' underway in room 24.

The kids' expert books (nonfiction!) are almost completed and they make me smile. Most of them reflect an interest developed with you. I view these little books as a love letter to your family. They know a lot about their topics, which represent time spent with you. I love these books. And, many have 'great beginnings', decent paragraphs, and 'endings that offer a conclusion and don't just stop'! A bonus!

We've finished another unit in our math book, taken the assessment, and corrected the same assessment. I'm pleased to say that everyone did well. They will come home for review after break.

Room 24 finished their science rotation with Mrs. Shern and will begin with Mrs. Fisher after break.

We also finished Because of Winn Dixie. Many of the kids have seen the movie, so I suspect many of you have, too? It is a story of the redemptive power of love, but it is sooo sad! I hadn't read it in a long time. There is a part in the book where the father cries, something long overdue. We had an interesting talk about why men don't cry, but boys do. When I asked them why they thought this was so, one student offered up the suggestion that 'they grow up'. So, dads, my challenge to you is to let your children see you be emotional! If you need any help, just read Because of Winn Dixie!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday filled with family, food and fun.
See you in the new year.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Reminders and News!

Dear Room 24 Families,

Not sure about you, but the holiday 'busy-ness' has descended upon my house! I hope you are still able to find moments of rest and relaxation amidst all of the fun!

As many of you know, our chorus concert is this Tuesday at 12:40.  We share our wonderful music and chorus teacher, Elizabeth Robertson, with the five other elementary schools, so, yes, it is in the middle of the day! There has been a request of me to ask if anyone is available to record it? If so, let me know.

Our nonfiction writing project is coming along! We are typing it into a google document to transform into our very own nonfiction book. Please send in photos, copies of photos, or downloaded photos for your child's book. It makes the world of difference for the finished product! 

Speaking of Google Drive, we had a great discussion last week regarding technology use. It appears that some children are using their school account for personal use. Here are some of the agreements regarding Google Drive:
*The MVSD Google account is NOT private. It is a learning tool and teachers can view everything that is happening in Google Drive.
*Use of Googel Docs is for classroom assignments only-not for personal use.
*Documents can only be shared with your teacher, unless a collaborative project is assigned and specific directions are given. 

It is room 24's turn to volunteer for carline the week after this one! Please consider volunteering to make sure our kiddos make it safely and efficiently into their car! Carline Volunteers!

The entire third grade will be having a pajama and movie celebration on Thursday, 12/21 and we’ll be making a baggie of trail mix to snack on. Check here to see what you might send in for our Holiday Party Trail Mix

Lastly, I have started to receive Adopt-a-Family donations....thank you!! A few items were not 'claimed' on our sign-up genius, so I updated the list. Please send things in by Friday of this week as we will wrap all of the gifts Friday afternoon! If you want to help wrap, let me know! We will probably begin the process (madness?) around 1:00.  Here is the updated sign-up for Adopt-a-Family

I think that is it....for the time being!

Thanks for all of your help and support. I know I am asking a lot of you at this time of year! I truly appreciate it!


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Adopt-A-Family Information.....Entirely Voluntary!!

Please find all of the information you need to know right here: Adopt-A-Family Wish List

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Halloween Fun!

Dear Room 24 Families,

Last week of conferences (and early dismissal!). I remember what a pain it was to figure out where the kids were actually going to go every afternoon for two whole weeks. Yikes! Four more days and you are done!
There are several things I wanted to let you know about in room 24. Our last day of poetry with Ms. P is this Wednesday. Thanks to Kiddo! (you!) we received 6 sessions of poetry.....amazing! We are transitioning to a nonfiction writing unit. Each student has chosen a topic they know A LOT about to write a small book. They will use these books to teach the rest of us about their topic. In looking at published nonfiction books we noticed that there are lots of pictures.....this is where you come in! Over the next few weeks if you could help your child find photos, pictures online, pictures from brochures or magazines connected to their topic, I would greatly appreciate it. If you don't have a printer at home, maybe you could send them to me and I can print them? There are some interesting topics to be sure....details to follow!
To recognize the upcoming holidays, room 24 participates in the Adopt-A-Family program. I will create a sign-up genius once I receive details about the family, which should be in the next few days.
Another community service activity we do is collect sample size toiletries to donate to the Ritter House in San Rafael. They provide a shower for homeless men and women and use these all the time! Please look under your sink to see if you have anything hiding from a past trip, or ?? Ask grandma to look under her sink, your next door get the idea. We will collect, collect, collect and then bag them into individual give-away bags to donate. Ideally each bag will include shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and a toothbrush....and whatever else gets thrown into the mix. They will not take mouthwash as it has alcohol. So, if you are traveling to a hotel over the Thanksgiving holiday, bring home some samples!!
Lastly, remember to visit our wonderful Book Fair the week of December 3-7! Maybe they will even have a  book there for our Adopt-A-Family!!
Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate you and your wonderful kids!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

One Good-Bye and One Reminder

Dear Families,
Join me in bidding the Wygant family all the best on their next adventure in Spain! We will certainly miss Sienna in room 24!
I'm including the conference sign-up list to remind you of your scheduled time. Conference Sign-Up

That's it for today. I look forward to seeing you in the next two weeks!


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Conference Sign-Ups and Halloween

Dear Room 24 Families,
Conferences will begin the week of November 5th. Face to face communication continues to be the best way to share your child's progress in school this year. Each conference lasts 30 minutes, and they are scheduled back to back. Please knock on the door if I am going over the allocated time! I will appreciate it.
Conference Sign-Ups

Halloween is fast approaching! We will do a few in class activities to celebrate the day and, of course, there is the school wide Halloween Parade! Here is information about the Halloween Parade.
Halloween Parade

  • Parade begins at 8:55 led by Kinders and 5th graders. The parade is one lap. Parents, please keep the parade route clear.
  • Photographs and cheers are most welcome!
  • Students come to school in costume, and change out of costume after parade.
  • Costumes may not include weapons or be blood-and-gutsy. Remember this is a TK-5 school event - please match your child’s costume to the context!
  • Kindergarteners will parade with 5th grade buddies. Classes will walk in K/5, 1,2,3,4 order.

    In class we are finishing our Miwok unit with a brief study of Chief Marin. His life spanned a critical period in our local history; he was raised in the traditional native ways in his village, Anamas, in Mill Valley, left for Mission Dolores as a twenty year old, accompanied a military expedition looking for english speaking intruders (!)'as a guide, ran away and was placed in jail several times. Was he a rebel or a leader? One of the great kid questions was if he was a rebel wasn't that a 'bad' thing? When we learned what he was rebelling against he seemed like a hero by today's standards.

    In reading we are taking a deep dive into character analysis and learning how to put our thoughts about character into a reading response. This is HARD work!

    You may have heard that third grade has started our science rotation. Our class is with Ms. Shern for the next six weeks (approximately) learning about 'inheritance and traits'. I am working with Ms. Diamond's class. The rotation allows for many things--working with another teacher, being flexible and collaborative, and for the teachers to become familiar with a new curriculum!

    In math we are practicing multi-step word problems. Careful reading is paramount. We will move on to subtraction next.

    Thanks for reading to the end.